Playing with the mummy

Sensory and movement deprivation is such a lovely thing! Both the wrapped victim and his wrapped are horny as hell. The master loves having a shiny helpless figure in front of him. The privates and the mouth of the mummy are completely open to be played with, and this is exactly what takes place right now. The master takes turns riding the helpless victim’s mouth and grabbing his throbbing dick to play with it giving the mummy a delicious focused sensation!

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Starting the wrap

Now this is what it’s all about! Ordering the victim to stand still, he wraps him tight in see-through plastic film. The sub obediently raises his hands so that the sticky plastic can tightly embrace his buff, meaty body. Inch by inch, the skin is covered. It will not be long before the kinkster finishes his wrapping job and throws his plaything on the bed. You can only wonder what the wrapping was for! Continue watching the series to find out.

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Preparing the mummy

The package of this lovely victim is bulging, and we know why. He senses the coming of his masked master, someone who will run his powerful hands all over his plaything’s body, getting him naked and planning something the recipient has no idea about. For now. Soon only the mask is left, and his pulsing cock is dangling between the thighs, given an occasional stroke by the omnipotent master. Who knows what will follow? One thing certain, something will!

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Naked gym rats suck and lick ass

You know you’re in for a good time when someone’s got their tongue buried deep inside of your asshole! These four guys had rock hard cocks, and had plenty of places to put them, as they made their way from mouths to assholes. And there’s nothing like seeing a stream of hot cream shot all over their ripped abs!

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Hairy guy has his ass slammed deep

Men just can’t look any hotter than these two. Tanned and strong, cute and mean, they are the embodiment of male sex appeal. And they are skilled in lovemaking, too! Watch them make out, do a bit of nipple sucking, and then show an oral performance of terrific heat and skill. What meat-swallowing skills they got! Riding his screaming lover, the tanned stud soon probes that ass in return, and, grateful, sucks the meaty shaft till both of them are ready to explode.

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Hungry old geezers suck some dick

Take a look at what’s going on in a truly private club for adult males only. No boys are allowed into this sanctuary of masculine passion. Cock-handling experiments with gear and pool games with mouths and asses on stake take place here regularly. Watch as the venue packed with hard, horny males becomes the place for some fierce man-on-man action.

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Fireman loves tasting a cop’s cock

This is how routine checkups can end with so many hot men around. This fireman got trapped in a police station seduced by a horny officer who urged him to suck his firm thick tool right in the corridor. The fireman wanted to back off when he heard another cop coming, but soon he realized he was in the lair of sin. The cops took turn mouthing his emergency tool, and then one of the cops spread his tight buns for a deep penetration.

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Horny bears take turns sucking dicks

Black leather seems to be the perfect thing when two big, muscled men go sinful. Watch chemistry work wonders between the two bears who engage in some power exchange play. The loving bottom approaches his master, bares his super sexy chest, and gets his mouth filled with fresh hot beef. He’s so good at it the master cannot control the urge and decides to return the favor. The two sultry men end up on the bed, sixtynining each other’s fat, firm cocks.

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Ripped stud’s stiff ass fucking

With his legs bent out so he had full access to his butthole, this guy was ready to take every inch of his lover’s throbbing cock inside of his tight ass. And when he got on top of his buff partner, he stroked his own dick just because it felt so good! So they both sat next to each other and admired one another’s muscles until both of them shot their loads!

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Domination in gear shop 

There’s no better place to practice some gay bear-bdsm action than a gear shop. Surrounded by all manner of devices for pain and pleasure, this big dude has his hands fastened high above, his master approaching him from behing, whip in his hands. As soon as the back is sore, the top uses some nipple clamps and makes the subdued hunk kiss his boots. The sub serves so well he finally earns the honor to blow his master’s mighty erection, and he does that willingly!

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Sexy cowboy gets stripped by bears

The cowboy has just lost a serious game of cards to some serious fellows. Unable to pay up with cash he had to pay up with his sultry body. Watch the unfortunate hunk taken out for some whipping tied to a fence, and then back inside for a full size orgy. He has to please so many big players his mouth and ass will probably remain sore for a week afterwards. See the horny bears taking turns in taking advantage over his tanned, muscular, perfectly fuckable body!

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