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How deep could he get his cock down his hungry throat? About as far as he could get it inside of his asshole after the dick 69 these two muscle guys had. He opened up his legs as wide as he could and inched his prick all the way inside of him, pumping him full of his swollen meat and then unleashing his cream all over his body.

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When you are in trouble with the police, you will do anything to escape. Unless it’s an oral, cock-in-the-face trouble, of course! Turned on by the situation, the guys had nothing else to do but whip out their dripping dicks and let the police have their way with them. Having your shaft stroked by a strong, gloved fist of a cop feels terrific! Soon the muscled authorities were relaxing in a post-orgasmic bliss.

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A busy day at the machine, and terrific lust for cock as the result. See as these two aged workers escape to their barn for a bit of the secret and sinful. Now this is what we call true man-on-man love amongst the dirt of the industrial scene. Watch the two play with each other’s super fat super hard cocks mouthing them deep and getting ready for the climax. What a scene!

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When all of these muscled studs got together for a party, it might have been the last thing you expected, but they were all expecting hard cock to be the main attraction! So as soon as they all got together, they were whipping out their pieces and stuffing them down their throats! These studs were sucking and stroking their cocks until every last one was drained dry.

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Love takes many forms, that’s true. Between these two beautiful, hunky, tattooed men, the form it takes is quite an eye candy. Watch the bottomless bottom approach his topless top and begin working on his meat straight away. After a loving hug, that is. Soon the tool is ready for the real work, especially after that tasty ass munching, so the bottom gets a fat one up his tight shitter. Sweat, muscles, hair and tats are all around in this incredibly sexy scene.

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You can tell that this slutty bear takes direction well, as he was bending over for his master to enter his ass. He lubed up his hand and felt around his asshole before shoving in a dildo to loosen him up. After that, he could fit his hand, and two big fucking dildos in his butt, as he spread this gay bear’s ass cheeks wide open to plunge it all down his rectum.

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Being not where you’re supposed to be can really land some people in hot water! But when this guy is surrounded by strong guys with swollen dicks, it almost seems like he was asking for trouble. He had a dick in his mouth and a dick in his ass at all times, as he sucked, fucked and stroked them all until these studs shot their sticky loads.

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I wonder what this biker did wrong in order to have two police officers pull him over? Maybe it was just that he was too damn sexy, and they weren’t letting him go anywhere until they got some ass! The second cop sent the first one away after he got a little head, just so he could get his own action, sucking and getting sucked, and then fucking the biker’s ass until he shot his sticky jizz.

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These two well-built muscular types are traveling, and here we see them in yet another hotel room, tired yet overwhelmed with feelings. Watch the bald mean-looking hunk leave the bathroom nude, clean, and horny as hell. Approaching his lover on the bed, he requests some oral service and is generous enough to deliver some in return. Soon the big dangerous daddy can’t but jackhammer his super stiff shaft into the redhead’s tight behind.

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