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The slave is lying down and enjoying every second of his Master’s leather boots pressing into his shoulders. He is more than happy to show his loyalty in this way. He is also anticipating the handling, which comes right away. Watch as his penis gets pumped so hard it’s ready to explode, and then his entire crotch area gets lashed and tortured. Things get a bit out of control here as all men in the room pop massive boners and rough anal penetration is in the air

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These older gay daddies are big, hard men who need to eat properly to be the powerful, sexy giants that they are. So it all starts with a nutritious breakfast! The daddy’s younger lover was whipping up some delish stuff when the older gay daddy came into the kitchen. The younger lover looked too sexy not to start making out with him right away. And you know how these hot, hard men are. The breakfast evolved into eating sausage pretty soon, if you know what we mean! The sleazy gay daddy got his lover too horny to stop with his amazing oral skills, and then had him pound his firm sexy ass. They almost ruined their kitchen furniture that morning! Oh yes, and they got super hungry for their breakfast, too!

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The studs were up for something special tonight, and that dating ad could very well serve their purpose. They made the booty call, and their plaything arrived, hung, tattoed, and horny. Watch some real hell raised that night in the apartment with the greedy newcomer servicing the two lovers with his able ass and mouth, sucking them off as his butt was toyed, and more. The three soon ended up on the floor, sweaty, harder than rock. The two men were ready to give their new lover, who had no idea about it all, a wholly new double anal experience which could very well leave him unable to walk for a week…

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At first, it seemed like he was just beating off alone, but once this big bear cop came in to view, he hopped up to grab a hold of his dick so he can suck it stiff! Wearing nothing but his helmet, sunglasses, and of course his mustache, the cop sucked on his pecker as well, and then opened up his asshole to pound his butt while he stroked himself. They both shot loads all over his chest and stomach.

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Don’t gay daddies Ova and Johan make such a cute couple? There’s nothing cute about the way they fuck though, because Johan loves his asshole stretched open and drilled by Ova’s thick cock. After they wake up from cuddling, Johan wakes up Ova’s cock as well, sliding his underwear off and slipping it into his mouth. We watch him up close here, as the older gay boyfriend moves his lips all the way down to his balls, swallowing his cock whole before he pulls back up with a coat of drool all over his hairy shaft. He keeps Ova laying down and climbs on top of his stiff prick, lowering himself down on his cock and rides him while we watch these older gay daddies fuck. Ova’s not one to stay lying down though, and once he gets up and on top of Johan, there’s nothing that stops him from slamming his asshole in all positions until cum is rocketing from both these gay daddies.

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He stands quietly on his knees, hands tied behind his back, waiting. The thrill mixes with anxiety as he finally feels his master coming. The top undoes the ropes and frees the big bear’s butt from its white nylon prison as well. Then, he positions himself on the rack while the bear slave has perfect access to his throbbing cock. The fat meaty stick gets played with in every manner, and the balls get their share as well. Good bear slave, earned a pat!

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He sure can swallow that dick! But his throat isn’t the only hole that this guy wants his studly fucker inside of. He bends over and offers up his asshole to him, and he makes sure to pack it with as much meat as possible. His tight fuck tunnel wraps around him so well that he’s shooting his jizz in no time

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Oh, these massage parlors. So much crazy stuff is going there every day, even right now. Desperate for some action, this older gay daddy came to the parlor to have his hair-covered body massaged – with hope of something else following that, of course. The sexy vibe was strong in the room as the masseur paid attention to every inch of the gay daddy’s body. What a surprise, a finger up the ass! Things were definitely going the right way. Pretty soon, and he wasn’t even sure how that happened exactly, the gay daddy had the masseur’s dick deep down his throat. It was only getting crazier from then on. Pretty soon the gay daddy’s ass got filled with some hot beef. Turns out these massage tables are really great for fucking!

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The sly doctor invited his lover to his office for a date when the hours are over. They both like the outfit, so instead of taking it off the doctor leaves it, and they start their game. Watch the two muscled men get wilder with every second, sixtynining each other in the office, not afraid to be caught red-handed. Then, the thing which the doctor invited his lover for begins. Check out the filthy doc getting his poop chute massaged with some raw beef as he strokes his own throbbing shaft. The air is thick with their heat, and soon sticky drops land on the doctor’s chest.

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These two gay daddies have been in town all day and barely had any chance to, you know, enjoy each other’s company. But they’re finally home, and nothing is in their way anymore. Eduardo’s fat cock is something his lover has been thinking about all day. Now the older gay daddy can indulge in all he can. And oh he does. He falls right on the bed and gets his mouth busy with Eduardo’s thick dick. The two end up sixtynining, and what a sight that is, two beautiful horny giants, no less. The air gets thicker as Eduardo’s lover sticks his horny white gay daddy ass up high in the air begging to be fucked like a cock slut that he is… And of course Eduardo is more than happy to oblige!

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You can just tell how macho and in control this bear likes things, so when he sees this lowly twink, he grabs him and shows him who is boss by making him lick his leather chaps and his hard prick. He does such a good job with that, that he deserves a hard fucking deep in his asshole. So that’s exactly what he gets. He holds on tight while the bear plows his rectum, and gets cum all over his dick.

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Murray’s got a lot of work to do around the house, working on some electrical tasks around the house. But when Esteban comes up to him, he’s got a completely different job for him to do of the “blow” variety. As soon as he offers up the idea, Murray takes off his work gloves and gets to work on his dick, getting this older gay daddies action started. His older gay cock was already hard even before Murray wrapped his lips around it, but it got even harder as it slid in and out of his mouth, soaking it with his spit and stroking it so he could feel every inch spread open his asshole. Esteban can fuck for an older gay fat guy, especially when he’s got a tight ass to fuck like Murray’s. He pulls out after fucking him from behind so he can suck on it again and then sit down on it on the chair. He’s so tight that it doesn’t take long before the both of them are cumming hard.
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Watch the two European kinksters enter their secret dungeon with lots of pervy stuff in mind for this session. They warm each other up making out for a while and then the submissive stud surrenders all control into the hands of his Master. They are still making out as the sub gets suspended, and then it’s ass probing time. Taking turns getting this manpussy sore and sucking cock, the Master prepares his slave to get on the floor and handle an even meaner insertion.

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