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Right after they were done with their workout, these jocks needed to power up. So they made it to the floor of the gym and started licking their assholes and sucking some thick meat! Right in front of the big mirror, he drooled all over his schlong and then opened up his legs so he could fit his prick inside of him. He couldn’t wait to see his trainer’s cum erupt from his dick.

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Top gun fuck

These two stout officers do their best to serve their motherland. But when the time comes and they have a few hours of rest, they know well how to serve best their army mates. There will be no place for tender and romance here, just a brutal bully fuck, when emotions explode. This will be a really hard suck, when cocks will be polished with rough tongues till they shine like parade boots. This hardcore session will continue with a rough ass-hole ramming down by a thick stiff warhead till this ex-tight hole opens wide enough for a huge blowup. Only rough games for the tough guys!

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